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Next to training and experience one of the most important tools in doing an effective and efficient home inspection is going to be the software that you use to write your report. Welcome to “inspection essentials” – This software was built from the ground up to do just that

Software History

As a TREC licensed home inspector, I needed a tool that would help\aid me in being more efficient in conducting and reporting on home inspections.


Inspection Essentials is the result of over 950+ inspections, it has been designed with one goal in mind. – Cut down on the time it take to complete and report on an inspection.

I’m current a full time TREC inspector – but my first career was in Information Technology – with close to 20 years in IT, and a constant passion to improve things.  While I did not set off to develop this software specifically, It became apparent very quickly that if I was to continue working as a TREC inspector I would need something better than what I had at the time.


2 - different models are now available - 3rd option coming soon - Check BUY page for options.

Price is for FULL TURN KEY Setup .

Be the first to tell me.. how good or bad "inspection essentials" is.....
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