Inspection Essentials (Reporting) Software


IE – is Reporting Software default configuration will comply with TREC requirements. Price is one time fee. (No monthly, Yearly Fees), Included Training via Zoom Sessions - 1,2,3 as much training as you feel you need.  Typically 2 sessions is all you will need.  Future Proof?  Software is built so you can update it if you need to add anything new to it.


What you will need,

  • A Computer (PC) or SurfaceGO
  • An MS Office License (Typically this is 9$\Month -  payed to Microsoft or FREE)
  • A Camera if you are not using SurfaceGO



****  Please call me so we can discuss any question you may have.  ****


Inspection Essentials Inspection Software

  • Software - Release date will be Jan 13 - 2022